Is it Necessary to Wipe Your Toilet Seat Before Sitting Down?

Most people would grab a toilet paper before they sit down on the loo. Some of them do this to prevent catching a disease from the splashes left on the seat, while others simply want to make sure that it’s clean.

But experts believed that you won’t catch a disease just by sitting on a toilet seat. Although it was once thought to transmit sexually transmitted infections or gastrointestinal disease, this idea has long been refuted through a series of research.

Is it safe to sit down on the loo without wiping the liner?

Toilet SeatYes, it is. Through various studies, researchers didn’t see disease-causing bacteria on a toilet seat. There may be a lot of bacteria but not those kinds that make you catch E. coli or streptococcus when sitting on the loo. This is because the skin on your behind is already a protective barrier against those diseases. So, you must stop grabbing a paper liner before sitting down as you’re just wasting paper.

However, experts believe that you need to wash your hands after using the toilet. This is to prevent catching gastrointestinal diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends using soap and water to wash hands to lower incidence of life-threatening diarrhea. And of course, make sure to clean the air to make your toilet stay more comfortable.