Basic Time Management Tips in Everyday Life

Time management seems so simple yet it is one of the most challenging things that people have to go through. In fact, there are tons of books, articles, videos and even seminars and full courses about it! To quickly summarize everything there is to know about time management, you have to know that it starts within you. You take full control of your time – not your boss, not your family, not the circumstances that surround you. You are your own time manager and it’s up to you how to make it work. You have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You might be the busiest person in the world but with proper time management, you will have time for everything.

To help you step up in the time management game, here are some tips that will hopefully make things easier for you.

Write Down Your Schedule and Stick to It

OWING MACHINE REVIEWSTime management starts with a schedule. You can’t wake up in the morning and just feel happy-go-lucky with everything that you do. It’s not like you have to be so uptight with everything. You can do unexpected things every once in a while but as much as possible, stick with your schedule. Don’t let anything interrupt the things you have to do unless it’s very, very important. There’s time for work and time for play, so schedule your daily workout. Start the day with a few minutes on the rowing machine you bought through Home Rower, or spend a few minutes on the treadmill. Don’t waste your time lying around after exercising. Get to the bath and be ready for work on time. Give yourself deadlines for everything you do.

Know Your Priorities

Determining whether something that could disrupt your schedule is important is challenging in itself. You might say that hanging out with your colleagues is important because you’re building rapport. However, there’s a time for that. You can hang out during lunch or coffee breaks. But this doesn’t mean you should hang out more than the given time for that. Say you have an hour lunch break. Don’t go for two hours just “building rapport”. Remember there’s still a coffee break later and there’s another lunch break tomorrow. You must know what your priorities are. Is it your job? Your family? Your beauty regime in the morning? It’s all up to you. Whatever matters to you the most should be in your schedule and stick to that.

Know When It’s Time to Rest

You might think that resting isn’t an option especially if you have a very tight schedule. The rest is for the weak. Sleep when you’re dead. That’s what they say, right? This is wrong. You have to rest because rest and sleep are essential in giving you that much-needed energy so you can stick to your schedule. When you have 6 or 8 hours’ sleep at night, you can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. You could take a nap during the day, even a little sleep during the day does the trick. Some firms offer their employees a space for resting during a break. Take an air mattress with you to the office if you have your own office space, it won’t be a problem. After breakfast and a cup of coffee, you can already jumpstart your day!

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