Simple Ideas on how to Make a Nursery That Your Child Will Love

Expecting a baby is both exciting and stressful. You have to prepare a lot of things at home, baby-proof all the rooms, and design a nursery where you and your baby will be spending a lot of time together. If you have no idea how to make a baby’s nursery, the following tips should be able to get you started:

Select a room

safe-and-cozy-nurseryIf possible, your baby’s nursery should be in a room that is right next or across your bedroom. That way, you do not have to walk along a dark hallway or fumble for the light switch at night. You also will be able to hear any noise coming from their room, and can immediately rush to them if they cry out loud when they are hungry.
Air purifiers can be helpful because the nursery should have clear air and sufficient ventilation to keep the room temperature and humidity at just the right levels. It should also have black-out curtains to keep the sunlight out during the day while your baby is asleep.

Decide on a theme

It is entirely up to you which theme to use for the baby’s nursery, but choose something that is appropriate for them. You can go a long-time favorite cartoon, a favorite superhero from your childhood, a popular children’s book, or even a child-friendly video game.

Do not go overboard with the design

Paint the walls white, pink, blue, or some other soft hue. Have stuffed animals, toy cars, dolls, and blocks. Hang some alphabet and number posters on the wall, a color chart, a world map, and other similar educational materials. Try to avoid making the room about you and your likes. Think about what you want your baby to see once they are able to recognize things, speak, and walk.

Choose furnishings that are baby-friendly

You will need a crib that is sturdy and safe. The baby will be spending a lot of time in there, so make sure that it is comfortable and cozy. The rails should be high enough so that the baby will not be able to climb out or accidentally fall out. Use soft linens, blankets, and pillows. Add a few stuffed toys around. Attach a rotating, musical hanging toy to keep the baby entertained.

Find a spot for yourself

The nursery should also have an area where you can sit and watch the baby or rock them to sleep. You can buy yourself an antique rocking chair, a suede armchair, or even a portable massage table if you need a good table to relax on while the young one is deep in slumber.

Have lots of storage space

There are so many things that a baby needs. They are fragile, delicate, and need your 100% attention and effort. When it is time to change their diapers, you need to be able to locate the diaper stash right away to not put your baby at risk of allergies. If your baby starts bawling because they are hungry, you should know where the bottles and the formula are kept to be able to feed them immediately. Therefore, having an organized and tidy storage space, with enough containers and drawers should be available.