Things You Can Do to Maximize the Use of an Air Mattress

An air mattress is perfect for those who are living in a one-bedroom apartment, and it’s also ideal if you have a very limited bedroom in your house and no available pull-out couch in your living room. Another great thing about this bed is that you can easily offer it each time you have guests in your house who want to stay for a few days.

But how can you maximize its benefits?

1. Go and get the double size bed

Simple, choose Queen or King if you want to have extra space for you and your partner.

2. Avoid going for a more expensive version

Air MattressThis type of bed doesn’t last forever. So, even if you’re just using a basic inflatable, it can still offer you warmth and comfort the same ways as an air-chambered one. As long as you know how to take care of it, it can still survive for 10 years without problems.

But you must choose an air mattress that has a pump so you can easily adjust its air. This is also ideal as it has a button that you can release to achieve ideal inflation.

In order to prevent tiny holes from forming, you should consider getting a vinyl model with 20-gauge or higher.

3. Don’t forget to use a blanket or a sleeping bag

You must always use a pillow top over this type of bed. This is especially true during colder months as the air inside an air mattress cools overnight making the bed colder than having a regular one. By using a memory foam or a blanket on top, you can have the comfort and warmth that you need for a night of better sleep.

And don’t forget to use an comforter or a sheet set. In other words, treat your air mattress the same way you treat a real, regular bed.