What Exactly is a Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a wearable tech that helps you get in shape. You can use it for running, swimming, walking or cycling, and there are many brands on the market that can provide you the features that you need to better track your fitness activities.

Are all models smartwatches?

Some people would assume that this type of device is all about a smartwatch. You may have heard of Jawbone, Fitbit or Nike. They all started the trend. But there are other types of fitness tracking devices that aren’t smartwatches.

What it can do?

It’s true that the very best fitness tracking watch is trendy. But what can it do exactly? Its main goal is to provide you the data that you need. Those data gathered can be used to help you analyze your fitness. From there, you’ll decide whether or not to change your habits. Of course, your best choice is to practice healthier habits. The main hope of this unit is to encourage individuals to choose a healthier lifestyle.Fitness Tracker

Most of the brands on the market will have an accelerometer. It’s a feature that tracks movement while recording steps you have taken. You can think of it is a pedometer.

Other units will have features that can monitor your sleep patterns. You can also find a fitness tracker that counts calories you have burned by performing a particular exercise. The most advanced units will have an altimeter that tracks the steps you’ve climbed. This is especially useful if you’re fond of climbing as your workout.

You can also have a unit that lets you monitor your calorie intake by logging your food and water consumption. The data it provides will give you a more detailed overview of your day.

Experts recommend looking into a unit that lets you wear it on your wrist and/or clip on your clothes. If you’ll be using it to track your swimming routine, you’ll need a fitness tracker that’s waterproof. Don’t just choose a water-resistant tracker. It must be waterproof if you want to use it when you go for a swim.

You also need to look into the gadget’s power. Some units utilize a watch battery that can last a few months before replacing the battery. Other units will have a rechargeable battery that lets you charge it using USB.

Lastly, you will need a fitness tracker that lets you sync data to your smart phones, computer and other devices.